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Life’s Perception On Poetry Perspective.

“You may be hot or you may be not. Either way it doesn’t matter.”

You know pretty well that sometimes if not all the times .We place the idea of how we look like and how others see us and make views about, into priority. This is a phenomenon that most of us if not all of us should put into perspective.

For instance, a lady takes an hour or more in the mirror just to put a mask on her face in the name of makeup . If I haven’t yet made my point ? Here  it comes; You may be hot or you may be not. Either way it doesn’t matter .

The world is so into putting so much expense on the outside trying to buy attention, trying to convince others that’s who they are by how they look than how they look in the inside.

Which that is apparently what is referred to be pretence or rather hypocrisy . But in my view it’s a disease. I wouldn’t want to put it that way though I had to. Society basically is infected as much as its affected so negatively.

“Mind your thoughts “

A prison. Its a place where freedom is insufficient. So when we are so held up by what others think about you, you become independent, lack freedom and depend on others views and opinions about you. You therefore seem to think that you know less about yourself. Give yourself away. And you end up living someone else’s life.

If I were asked. That’s the most miserable life I know. It changes you, ends up living a lie, doing what others do, not literally because it’s your wish but because of the fear. Fear of opinions. Fear of criticism. When you in public and to an extent when even you’re not.

A role model is as good as a mentor. But the nemesis  comes in when you yourself decide to change that. Change looking up to to coping and there and then you lose it all.

I tell myself everyday. What I do – decide to do and anticipate to do – is my brand .Its all me. That I just wanna be me. The me that I will always be. The you that you should always be. Only if. Only if you. Only if you ought. Only if you ought otherwise. Point made. So mind your thoughts. Thoughts that change to actions.

Only if you ought otherwise. As always -has always been always will always – be your choice!!




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