Life, Love, Philanthropy, Poetry

Running Thoughts đź’­

Running Thoughts 💭. 

Am just here 

By the corridor. 

Seated here 

With wild thoughts 

Running through and across 

My poor restless mind.

My left hand on my chin 

And my right with a pen on paper. 

Beats on my chest, 


What to put down.

Am wearing 

This weird frown 

That I wonna put 

Upside down 

Because I can’t wait 

To see you again 

So I can ease this pain.

This pain of how much I miss you 

Is eating me up like some candy.

In as much as these thoughts 

Can’t let me take 

A break 

I just wanted to let you know that 

You mean so much to me 

And I feel so much alive 

Seated next to you. 


Copyright ©2018.


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