Poetry, Tere poet



You got my heart broken 

Left bleeding and I still out in the rain 

In the middle of the darkest night

Just to be struck by lightning 

Looking for you hoping you would be 

Scared of thunder and come back to me. 



I just switch off the radio 

Just to listen to her silence 

Her silence so loud so I switch the radio back on .



I just wear a vest in the rain 

Like the rest of clothes in vain 

So I can have a running nose 

To get back to her more quicker. 



I don’t like saying the word “sometimes”

Because sometimes are the times 

I think about her more often. 



I don’t wanna sleep 

I don’t wanna shut my eyes 

Because I will see you in my dreams 

And I don’t see you and miss you 

So you got me getting Eyebags. 



I just wanna listen to music 

Just to escape the thoughts of you 

That cross my mind every single second. 



I don’t wanna say sometimes 

Because the more I do 

The more I think of you all the time.



Am always traveling 

Because you take me to another world. 



I just log out of my mind 

And you log in to my mind 

Wishing I could sign you out of my life.